Do you believe in what they say that when you give especially when you have nothing else to give but still have the heart & the desire to give, it will come back to you a thousand fold?!…

I hope you find inspiration in this true to life story…

We are but an instrument in connecting 14 yr old Kyla to her sponsor who is abroad! ?

Last Christmas, I was contacted by my friend abroad who said she wanted to donate to Enzo’s cause. After a few days she said she will wire me the money, hard earned money intended for their Christmas feast… At the beginning of the year, my friend was overjoyed for she received news that she was getting an increase, more than what she gave! This same friend also needed to send money to her mom & a friend but still didn’t have the resources to help them but somehow, something came up again — all these ‘balik’ were unexpected & I guess that is what God wants us all to see & do. Just Give!!! Give, without expecting anything in return…

Kyla was 14 yrs old. She was yellowish in color because she is afflicted w rheumatic heart disease since 5 yrs old. She has only been on medication & injection which is not regularly sustained by the family because mom works as labandera & P1000 a month is really difficult for them. Today, we accompanied them to the Heart Center to finally get worked up for charity. Sponsor was able to fund the procedures needed to make possible Kyla’s operation eventually.

Did you know that this beautiful girl experiences pain to the extent of not being able to walk & has difficulty in breathing all because of her heart condition?… ?

Kyla was only in Grade 6 then as opposed to being in 3rd year high school already. She stops everytime she becomes ‘lumpo’ they say. We hope & pray Ate Kyla can achieve her dream of becoming a teacher someday.

What amazed us with this little girl is her faith. I guess this is why she remains alive to this day. I was told she had 2 kasabayan who didn’t make it anymore. Go Kyla, I know & believe you still have a bigger mission up ahead!

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